~ Deep Rover - Submersible ~

The submersible Deep Rover is a single-person vehicle capable of diving to 900 meters (3,000 feet). Although she can travel untethered, Deep Rover will be attached to Kevlar rope for safety reasons. This connection will also permit a fiberoptic cable link to the main research vessel, Kaharoa. Scientists and crew members on board Kaharoa will receive video imagery captured and sent from Deep Rover and remain in constant communication with its pilot.

The expedition plan calls for conducting two dives per day for approximately thirty days. Each dive can last for up to five hours.

Deep Rover is being leased from the Canadian undersea technology firm, Nuytco Research Ltd. The original Deep Rover, a one-person spherical acrylic-hulled submersible rated to 910 meters, was designed and built by Deep Ocean Engineering in 1984. It is used in commercial and scientific research applications, and has been featured in numerous television programs.

Deep Rover, One person submersible

Deep Rover, One person submersible


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