18 March 1999
Kaikoura, New Zealand

The day began full of anticipation and promise as a result of yesterday's successful dive. The crew arrived bright and early so we could attempt a full 6 hour dive. The crews of the KAHAROA, DEEP ROVER and BBC-NH discussed the scientific and technical objectives for the day during our pre-launch meeting.

Just as we planned to send Mike deGruy to the depths of the ocean to search for Architeuthis, the South Pacific waters began to flare up creating concerns among the DEEP ROVER crew. A decision was made to delay the launch and wait for calmer waters. This is like being at a baseball game during a rain delay when the ground crew roles the tarp up then decides to cover the field again just when the players are ready to go.

The delay lasted several hours but felt more like an eternity. Amazingly enough the comrade of the crew remains very high. A testament to the professionals involved with this expedition. Later, we were told that the weather was not going to cooperate, once again, and we would not be able to deploy the DEEP ROVER.

Although the disappointment is tremendous, we plan to get up early and give it another shot tomorrow.

Keep the spirit,


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