School Groups

Planning a field trip involves a lot of planning, no matter where you come from and when you visit. Read below to ensure a smooth visit.

Entering the Museum

Carry as little as possible (backpacks, bags, etc.) as security checks are now required of Museum visitors.

During Your Visit

Floor plans can be found here.


To ensure student safety, students must be supervised at all times. It is vital that chaperones and teachers accompany students while in the building, both to monitor behavior and to ensure students' safety.

Some Simple Rules

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all Museum visitors, please share these rules with your students and chaperones:

  • Be considerate of all visitors
  • Walking and talking are appropriate, while running and shouting are not
  • Food, drinks, gum, and smoking are not allowed anywhere in the museum except the designated eating areas
  • Our exhibits are delicate: Please do not touch exhibits or lean on exhibit cases
  • If students or chaperones use MP3 players, cell phones, or other electronics, please be sure that their use does not disturb other visitors

Lunch Options

There are no provisions for groups to eat bag lunches in the Museum. Lunches may be stored in large plastic bags or coolers in the check rooms off the Rotunda and the Constitution Avenue Lobby (no refrigerated storage available). Groups may picnic on the Mall.

The Atrium Café is on the ground floor, for more information visit here. An average lunch costs around $10. Group meals offered at a discount may be purchased before your visit: Contact the concessionaire toll-free at 866-868-7774 or email Additional information is available at