Slitsnail Gallery
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400 feet
Adanson's slitsnail oozing milky white substanceAdanson's excreting a mysterious substance
Adanson slitsnail on a rock wallAdanson's on a vertical rock wall
Adanson's slitsnail hugging the rock wall Adanson's among colorful, deep sea organisms
1400 feet
Lucaya exuding white substanceLucaya's other defense
Lucaya slitsnail crawling along the seafloorLucaya against the backdrop of the sea floor
The soft body for which mollusks are knownInside the shell
2500 feet
King Midas slitsnail feeding on a spongeMidas feeding on a sponge
King Midas slitsnail gliding over the sedimentMidas gliding over chalky sediment
Midas crawlingMidas
Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History