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On-Farm Forestry

The On-farm tree planting and development of tree nurseries are being promoted to complement the energy conservation activities, in addition to providing the community with their wood requirements. The aim was to develop cost effective multipurpose tree planting to meet commercial and environmental objectives so as to protect the Kakamega Forest resource base. This component of the project is expected to provide the community with harvestable products that would otherwise be harvested from the forest.

Tree Seedling Training
Tree Seedling Nursery

  • Promotion of On-farm agroforestry to the Kakamega Forest community was coordinated by ICIPE in collaboration with ICRAF and KEFRI. It involved selection and prioritization of multi-purpose indigenous tree species for on-farm agroforestry on the basis of potential multiple uses, ease of cultivation and acceptability by the community.

  • ICIPE extension workers and KEEP members were trained by ICRAF and KEFRI in agroforestry techniques, tree seed collection, extraction, seed sowing, seedling management and planting out.

  • The trained groups in turn have trained community youth groups, women's groups and school children in the propagation and on-farm planting of multi-purpose trees that may be used for firewood, timber, medicine and fodder.

  • The extension workers also propagate and distribute seedlings to other members of the community for on-farm planting.

  • 100,000 seedlings of multi-purpose trees have been planted by the local community in their farms by the end of 2001.

Tree Nursery
Tree Nursery
Community members have also established a central nursery at the Forest Department compound in Kakamega Forest for raising of multipurpose tree seedlings for the community

Tree Nursery
The farmers cultivated Ocimum kilimandscharicum and Mondia whytei were encouraged to intercrop these with indigenous trees


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