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Opals from Mezezo, Ethiopia have been well-known for more than 10 years for their play-of-color chocolate opals. Other deposits discovered more recently from Welo yield precious white, fire, crystal and sometimes black opals. The opal you see here is an 8.86 carat chocolate opal from Mezezo. Gem opal consists of tiny silica spheres tightly packed together; the voids or spaces between the spheres contain air or water. The play-of-color in opal is due to the orderly arrangement of these spheres acting like a diffraction grating, breaking visible white light in to separate colors. Opals are typically cut en cabochon or polished free-form to best show the play-of-colors.

Image Number: Ken Larsen
Catalog Number: G10623
Weight: 8.86 carats
Gift of Opalinda and EyaOpal , 2009
Locality: Mezezo , Ethiopia


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