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Fluorite gems are popular for their great variety of candy-colored pastels, most commonly pale green, purple, yellow, orange, blue, pink and colorless. Fluorite is usually transparent to semi-transparent and color zoning is common. In general, fluorite is too soft and fragile to be used in most jewelry, but is often faceted with fancy cuts in large sizes as collector stones. Fluorite is a widely occurring mineral and gem quality specimens are found in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, England, Canada, Kenya, Korea, Pakistan, China, the United States, etc. These are the first fluorite gemstones from Pakistan to be accessioned into the National Gem Collection.

Image Number: Ken Larsen
Catalog Number: G10503, G10505, G10504
Weight: 66.68, 23.50, 62.60 carats
Gift of Dudley Blauwet , 2006
Locality: Chumor Bakhoor Mine , Pakistan


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