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Beryl (variety: Heliodor)

The mineral beryl occurs in many colors. The best known gem varieties are the deep-green emerald and the sea-blue aquamarine. However, beryl also is found in shades of pink (morganite), red, and yellow (heliodor), and in some cases is colorless (goshenite). The heliodor gem shown here is from Tajikistan and exhibits a deeply saturated golden-yellow color. The gem was faceted by award winning gemcutter David Brackna. This 56.62 carat heliodor is a skewed lozenge cut and is a beautiful example of heliodor from a locality not previously represented in the National Gem Collection.

Image Number: Ken Larsen
Catalog Number: G10535
Weight: 56.50 carats
Faceted by and gift of David A. Brackna in memory of Al & Eleanor Brackna , 2007


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