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African Gems

In 2000, Marc and Lily Sarosi generously gifted to the National Gem Collection a suite of 25 gemstones from Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia, six of which are pictured here. This suite that included tourmalines, garnets, and aquamarines provided an important upgrade to our holdings of African gems in the National Gem Collection. Mineral: Elbaite (Tourmaline family) Weight: 39.49 carats Origin: Lundazi District, Zambia Mineral: Elbaite (Tourmaline family) Weight: 54.74 carats Origin: Usakos District, Namibia Mineral: Beryl Variety: Aquamarine Weight: 65.35 carats Origin: Chief Mwanjawantu Area, Mozambique Mineral: Spessartine (Garnet family) Weight: 4.40 carats Origin: Lundazi District, Zambia Mineral: Spessartine (Garnet family) Weight: 21.86 carats Origin: Lundazi District, Zambia Mineral: Grossular (Garnet family) Variety: Tsavorite Weight: 6.72 carats Origin: Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Image Number: Chip Clark
Catalog Number: see acquisition info
Weight: 4.40-65.35 carats
G10162, G10160, G10182, G10174, G10169, G10178: Gift of Marc and Lily Sarosi, , 2000


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