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Beryl (variety: Emerald)

This enchanting profile of a woman’s head was carved out of emerald, the rich green variety of the mineral beryl, the most valuable beryl gem. The emerald is from Colombia where the finest emeralds are found. Most emeralds are faceted for gemstones to be used in jewelry. However, in some cases stones are cut en cabochon or carved. This emerald carving also highlights the pyrite crystals (known as fools gold) that formed naturally with the beryl. The carver cleverly used the golden pyrite to his advantage by incorporating the crystals into his design as hair and an earring. This intriguing addition to the National Gem Collection was generously gifted by Ashok Kumar Sancheti in 2003.

Image Number: Ken Larsen
Catalog Number: G10226
Weight: 70.10 carats
Gift o Ashok Kumar Sancheti , 2003
Locality: Muzo Mine , Colombia


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