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Star of Katandru

Some of the most interesting members of the gem kingdom are those reflecting bright bands of light that form stars. This optical phenomenon, called chatoyancy, is caused by light reflecting off of parallel bundles of tiny hollow tubes or fibrous crystals of another mineral inside the gemstone. When a properly oriented stone is cut en cabochon, round or oval shape with a domed top and flat bottom, the star is visible. This exceptional 16.21 carat Sri Lankan star ruby, the "Star of Katandru," has a well-centered star with straight arms of sharp intensity, and a uniform and beautiful body color. The Star of Katandru, named in honor of the donor's children, was generously gifted by Jeffrey Bilgore in 2004.

Image Number: Chip Clark
Catalog Number: G10398
Weight: 16.21 carats
Gift of Jeffrey Bilgore in memory of Mr. I. George Heyman , 2004


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