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Black Opal Peacock

Opals are described according to their transparency and body color. Opals with a vivid play-of-color and a black or other dark body color are called black opals. Top-quality black opals are highly prized and were discovered in the legendary Lightning Ridge opal field in Australia in 1903. Opals are typically cut as cabochons or polished free form to best show the play-of-color. The Opal Peacock Brooch was designed by Harry Winston, Inc., and features a 32-carat black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia. The opal is accented with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds set in yellow gold. The Opal Peacock was donated to the National Gem Collection by Harry Winston in 1977.

Image Number: 95-40301
Catalog Number: G7987
Weight: 32 carats
Gift of Harry Winston, Inc. , 1977
Locality: Lightning Ridge , Australia


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