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Beryl (variety: Emerald)

This superb 75.47carat Colombian emerald was once the property of Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909), who wore it on his belt buckle. Tiffany & Co. acquired the emerald in 1911 and initially set it into a tiara. In 1950, it was mounted in its current brooch setting. Mrs. Janet Annenberg Hooker purchased the brooch from Tiffany in 1955, and in 1977 she donated it to the Smithsonian Institution. The Hooker Emerald is a beveled square-cut gem that exhibits exceptional color and clarity for an emerald of its size. In its platinum setting it is surrounded by 109 round and 20 baguette cut diamonds, totaling approximately 13 carats.

Image Number: 96-30247
Catalog Number: G7719
Weight: 75.47 carats
Gift: Mrs. Janet Annenberg Hooker , 1977


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