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Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Thirty-one antique-cut Burmese rubies (totaling 60 carats) possessing the deep, highly-valued color called pigeon's blood were set into this platinum bracelet designed by Harry Winston, Inc., in 1950. The accompanying 107 diamonds total 27 carats. Burma, particularly the region around Mogok, has been a main source for rubies since the late fifteenth century. Rubies from this region are known for their rich and vibrant color, which is why the term "Burmese Ruby" is synonymous with the finest color rubies. A red to slightly purplish-red color, that is medium-dark in tone, with the vibrancy of the color enhanced by a red fluorescence is called pigeon's blood.

Image Number: 95-40319
Catalog Number: G5020
Weight: 60 carats
Anonymous gift , 1961


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