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Spodumene (variety: Kunzite)

This 396.30-carat kunzite gem from Afghanistan adorns the necklace that Paloma Picasso designed in 1986 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tiffany & Co. Kunzite gemstones are typically shades of violet and pink, caused by trace impurities of manganese. This variety of spodumene was first found in Pala, California, in 1902, and was later named after American gemologist George F. Kunz. The cushion cut kunzite is set in an 18k yellow gold and diamond ribbon motif pendant. The necklace also contains 30 South Sea baroque pearls.

Image Number: 94-3315 Minor
Catalog Number: G9956
Weight: 396.30 carats
Gift of Tiffany & Co. , 1989


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