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Garnet Gems

Although garnets are commonly thought of as deep red stones, the name garnet actually refers to a family of 15 distinct minerals. All members of the garnet family share the same basic atomic structure and are closely related, but they differ in chemical composition. Displayed in this assortment of garnets is spessartine (yellowish to reddish orange), almandine (red to brownish or purplish red), pyrope (red), rhodolite (pink to purplish red), grossular (clear, pink, orange, yellow, brown or green), and andradite (green to greenish yellow). The garnets in this photograph range in weight from 2.59-108.90 carats and are from Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

Image Number: 95-40188
Weight: 2.59-108.90 carats


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