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Grossular Garnet (variety: Tsavorite)

The most prized grossular garnet is the green variety called tsavorite. It was first discovered in 1967 in Kenya's Tsavo National Park; this region on the Kenya-Tanzania border remains the only source of gem tsavorite. The most desirable tsavorite gemstones are such intense green to yellowish-green that they can be confused with emerald. The 14 pear-shaped tsavorite garnets in this necklace total 30.80 carats. The necklace was a gift of Dr. Bray O. Hawk to the National Gem Collection in 1981.

Image Number: 95-40193
Catalog Number: G9000
Weight: 30.80 carats
Gift: Dr. Bray O. Hawk , 1981
Locality: Tsavo National Park , Kenya


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