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Elbaite (Tourmaline family)

Elbaite is a colorful member of the tourmaline group of minerals. Often cut into gemstones, elbaite comes in many color-specific varieties, including indicolite (blue), rubellite (red), watermelon (pink surrounded by green), bi-colored (two colors in one crystal) and parti-colored (three or more colors in one crystal, also known as multicolored). Pictured here is a bicolored elbaite crystal and a 34.6 carat gem from Brazil.

Image Number: 95-40547
Catalog Number: C06648, G09977
Weight: 34.6 carats
C06648 Purchase: 1967, G09977 Gift: Ray Meisenhalder, 1990
Locality: Minas Gerais , Brazil


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