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Corundum (variety: Sapphire)

Beautiful blue sapphires have been mined from near Yogo Gulch, Montana, since about 1895 and have found their way into the prestigious gem collections of the world. The crystals rarely yield gems larger than a few carats. This assortment of Montana sapphires ranges in weight from 1.9-10.2 carats. Although commonly thought of as blue gems, sapphires exist in a variety of colors, depending on the chemical impurities present in their atomic structures. Sapphires other than blue are called "fancy-colored."

Image Number: 95-40369
Catalog Number: G3631, G7707
Weight: 1.91-10.20 carats
G3631: 1.91ct, 1.99ct, 2.25ct; Gift of Kazanjian Brothers, 1961; G7707: 10.20ct; Transfer USGS, 1978
Locality: Yogo Gulch , Montana


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