How to Play

Click on the game pieces. Try to match two pictures of the same animal and make a Polar Pair! Match the whole board and you win!

Bald Eagle
These "eagle-eyed" birds showed early fishermen where the salmon were swimming.

Polar Bear
These fierce white giants can weigh as much as a car, but you wouldn’t want to ride one.

Newborns of these animals can run when they are only 90 minutes old.

Flying underwater is no challenge for these hydro-dynamic travelers.

Arctic Fox
This foxy predator trades its blue-grey summer coat for a white one in winter.

Beluga Whale
These sea canaries are real head turners. They use sound to find their prey.
If your toes pointed backwards like these sea mammals, you might prefer sliding on ice, too.
The size of their tusks tells who’s the boss among these sea mammals.
You Won!
Play again and try to beat your best or learn more about these animals and their habitats in the Arctic Wildlife Portfolio!