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Matthew T. Carrano
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1998
M.S. University of Chicago, 1995
B.S. Brown Univeristy, 1991

Research Focus:


Matthew Carrano studies dinosaur phylogeny, evolution, ecology, and functional morphology. His fieldwork has taken him to the Western Interior of North America, Chile, and Madagascar in search of new dinosaurs and the Mesozoic ecosystems of which they formed an important part. He is also studying the dinosaur fossil record in order to understand how it is affected by different biases, and is particularly interested in better sampling underrepresented regions and time periods. For phylogenetic and functional studies, he has conducted research in museum collections around the world, including England, France, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Research Themes:


Dinosaur Diversity and the Fossil Record


Dinosaur Phylogeny and Evolution


Paleoecology of Terrestrial Mesozoic Ecosystems

baby dino tooth

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